Friday, July 24, 2009

Successful Sports Betting Begins With A Different Mindset

I hear this all the time "Betting on football is a flip of the coin proposition". "Nobody can beat the spread in the long run".

And for the average bettor, they may seem to be very valid statements. Why? Because the average bettor does not put in the proper time and effort it takes to become successful.

Most of them think they are handicapping NFL games by picking up their local newspaper, seeing how the teams performed in the prior week and then try to make an educated guess on what should happen the next week!

If it was that easy, then we could all do it and not have to work.

Like anything in life, if you want to be successful then it is going to take passion and intensity to make it happen. And I can tell you that I have poured thousands of hours into making my computer systems in both the NFL and NBA.

First I needed to analyze past games and see what variables seemed to effect the spreads. Then I needed to write the systems that analyzed the data. Then I needed to test the programs on many seasons of data to see if they worked. Then I would go back and "tweak" the systems to try and improve on the performance. And on and on this went until I have now come up with what I think is an arsenal of analytical programs that can help us beat the NFL spreads and NBA spreads.

When you join my service at what you will be getting, is all the power of these programs at your disposal. The systems do all the heavy work for you, and you can profit from it.

Don't believe the NFL and NBA systems can work?... Then read about what our clients say about us.

We have made believers out of sceptics, and we are confident we can convince you.

You also need to change your mindset that you are gambling with your money. If you truly have a 50/50 chance of winning a bet, then yes you are gambling. But when you have a proven system that has hit over 60% since 1998 then you are INVESTING your money based on a service that can provide you with a nice ROI (return on investment).

Remember, it is nothing different then investing your money in the stock market. Whether you are giving your money to a fund manager that can give you a 15% ROI or you take that same money and invest it in a computer system that can return 15% ROI. The point is, if it is a proven system, you are not gambling anymore.

So please give my service a try, and take the guess work out of your NFL picks and NBA picks.

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